IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!! Get your TWPD and enjoy live classroom demonstrations provided by your fellow TWSTAFF!

TW is excited to announce that 2022 Demonstration Classrooms are BACK!!! I have included a copy of the calendar & a synopsis of each strategy being demonstrated below, but if you are looking to print, the link is:

As always, we are encouraging teachers to use their plan period to attend. We are working toward providing an incentive for teachers who use their planning period. You will receive 1 TWPD credit (up to a max of 3) and 1 CPDU credit for every individual demo attended. If you are really interested in attending a demo, but you need a substitute – we will do our best to try an accommodation the request, but we may be unsuccessful due to the lack of internal substitutes.

Please email me at or to schedule your demonstration classroom. Once I receive your email request, you will be added to the google classroom calendar to receive your day of reminder. In your email please include:

Date of Demo

Teacher you are observing


No Sub or Sub

Thank you in advance!

Demonstration Classrooms Calendar Link (click here to see offerings and instructions) #1

TT Demonstration Classrooms March - April Calendar of Events (click here to see offerings)