Triple Willow Mental Health, Inc

About the "Triple" and the "Willow"


The Counseling Profession has It’s foundations rooted in three facets. It is understood that the individual must include their Mind, Body, and Spirit completely to approach any issue or ailment for an entire understanding from all perspectives. Though other environmental factors and persuasions play a very important role in contribution, we often only have control over the self and the three pillars that construct us.


The Willow tree has long been revered as a tree of mystical symbolism, and a wood with unique and very useful properties. Specifically, the tree's persistence is evidenced by a lone twig or branch falling into the worst of conditions and thriving through all odds against its survival. Then, the woods incredible flexibility allowing it to be bent WAY OUT OF SHAPE without breaking, and then returning to its original form.

These two lessons speak to the resilience of we humans; our own ability to forge through the toughest of times, and our tenacity when placed in uncommon positions. Our goal at Triple Willow is to use the three rooted foundations, Mind, Body, and Spirit, to help each individual find their own ability to grow in any situation.

-Founder & CEO

During my internship, I dedicated myself to providing mental health services to surrounding communities lost in the Texas Desert. Lubbock has been described as “a cinder-block covered with asphalt in the middle of the largest sandbox of Texas;” the surrounding towns were worse. The resources for these trying to survive were scarce and nearly non-existent, much like the absence of rain which rarely precipitated Comfort and Hope. Fresh out of the classroom, the meeting these individuals opened my eyes to "The World of the Forgotten."

As I ventured to the East Coast, the "need" seemed to grow as I worked in community-based and in-home counseling. There, I learned the need would never go away, but some of us just needed to commit. Since then, I have become dedicated to provide services to those whom the rest ignore.

Currently, I am still working with people on the verge of being forgotten… again. I feel I have made full circle and returned to where it all began, on that cinder-block covered with asphalt, but this time there’s rain.

Kyle D McCall, MEd, LPC

Don Othello McCall

As we progress through our lives, we all find that companion whom stands by our side at all times and we could not imagine traveling without them through life; my Human is just that. I worked hard to get where I am today, and training was tough, but I'm certified, registered, and dressed for the part. Now let's get to work.

Counseling is scary for some, and trying out a new office space can be stressful; I help those in need of feeling more comfortable in a uncertain situation by loving on you and letting you pet me in return. I go everywhere my human does; I took my first plane ride this past Christmas, and TSA was impressed how well I listened to their instructions off leash. I got to stare out the window as the clouds passed by, and watch the earth become smaller by the second.

It says is all, even on my shirt; "Pet me, it's my job." I'm here if you need me, let me help. I can't wait to meet you and show you from the waiting room to my Human's office.


7308 Hanover Green Drive, Suite 300

Mechanicsville, VA 232111-1793


Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm