the trinidad civic club


The Trinidad Civic Club, founded in 1913, is a member of the California Federation of Women's Clubs and the General Federation of Women's Clubs, International. This non-profit organization consists of approximately forty members dedicated to volunteerism and community service.


The Trinidad Civic Club is dedicated to community support by enhancing the lives of others through service.


The Club serves as stewards of the Memorial Lighthouse, built in 1949, where 260 names are inscribed of those buried at sea, as well as fishermen and Coast Guardsmen who were lost at sea. There is a ceremony on Memorial Day weekend to honor those commemorated at the site.


  • Scholarship Program: Offer one academic and one vocational school scholarship for local high school seniors

  • CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates): Support for foster kids through participation and fundraising for the annual Kid Walk

  • Students of the Month: Provide books for winners of the monthly Student of the Month programs at Trinidad and Big Lagoon Schools

  • Trinidad Food Bank: Donate non-perishables for local families in need

  • Food for People Backpacks for Kids: Sponsor one or two students to receive food for the weekends in a backpack

  • Blood Bank: Organize blood drives

  • Community Organization Support: Provide monetary and fundraising support to the Trinidad Library, Trinidad Museum, and Trinidad Coastal Land Trust

  • Community Causes: Collect various items and donate to multiple causes.

For more information about donating for causes, and people to contact, click on the link at the bottom of this page.


  • Trinidad Fish Festival Bake Sale & Pirate Booty Shoppe (Father's Day)

  • Memorabilia Store

  • Memorial Lighthouse Friends

  • Holidays in Trinidad

  • Flea Markets


The Club contributes in a number of other local community organizations and have a long history of community service and contributions to Trinidad:

  • 1913 Founded the Ladies Civic Club of Trinidad

  • 1913 Granite cross on Trinidad Head placed by County Federation of Women’s Clubs

  • 1913 Bought piano and began maintenance of Trinidad Cemetery

  • 1915 Established Trinidad Library

  • 1917 Advocated for & designed the Town Hall

  • 1920 Donations: Street lighting/brush removal on Trinidad Head

  • 1928 Paid for Tennis Court construction/Projects for Trinidad School

  • 1948 City Fire Department organized

  • 1949 Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse dedicated

  • 1955 Advocated for Trinidad State Beach Park

  • 1958 Selected name for Scenic Drive

  • 1970 Anchor added to Memorial Lighthouse

  • 1972 Saved the Trinidad Library from closing

  • 1974 25th Anniversary of Lighthouse (top painted red)

  • 1975 “Lost at Sea” Memorial at Lighthouse

  • 1975 Library moved to the Presbyterian Church from Town Hall

  • 1976 Bingo games on Friday nights (Major fundraiser for years!)

  • 1977 McKinleyville High School Scholarship program started

  • 1979 Donation for new fire truck & equipment

  • 1995 Sunday Memorial Service started to commemorate names on plaques

  • 1997 Memorial Lighthouse top replaced

  • 2001 Built Commercial Kitchen & refurbished Civic Club Room

  • 2004 Own & manage Town Hall Steinway piano

  • 2006 Refurbished Town Hall Women’s Bathroom

  • 2009 Supported the completion of Trinidad Museum

  • 2013 Supported the building of the new Trinidad Library

  • 2017 Campaign for Memorial Lighthouse Preservation

  • 2018 Trade School Scholarship Program started