Two folding tables with a variety of baby carriers spread out.

Two folding tables with the lending library spread for a meeting.

Soft structured carriers on hangers, after being washed.

A group of soft structure carriers hanging up to dry after library laundry day.

A white female presenting volunteer assists a white female presenting caregiver with a ring sling holding an infant.

Hands on help with a ring sling during a community event.

A colorful pile of woven wraps on a table during a babywearing meeting.

A table full of colorful wraps during a babywearing meeting.

About our Library

The Triangle Babywearers Lending Library is home to more than 200 carriers in a variety of types, styles, sizes, colors, and weight. The library includes pouches and slings, stretchy wraps and carriers, soft structured carriers, ring slings, meh dais, onbuhimos, woven wraps, and more. The library includes options for caregivers of a variety of sizes, shapes, and ability as well as for children from newborn beyond preschool.

Triangle Babywearers seeks to maintain a diverse library of carriers. We seek to present options currently available on the market at a wide range of price points. We seek to offer a variety of sizes, styles, and brands within each location library and are willing to work with members to transfer items that may not be available in one library. In addition to the availability and variety in our library, we seek to have a library aware of problematic carriers/brands.

Problematic carriers/brands may have any of the following issues: racist names, culturally appropriated designs, name erasure, ableist names, poor responses to feedback, silencing marginalized voices.

Link to the library on My Turn