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Triangle Babywearers

Black female presenting caregiver wears an infant on her front in a soft structured carrier. Beside her, a black toddler is wearing Elmo in a similar soft structured carrier.

Babywearing can be a whole family activity.

A back view of two white female presenting caregivers with toddlers in back carries. The blonde toddler is in a wrap holding hands with a brunette toddler in a soft structured carrier.

Babywearing encourages ALLL the closeness.

Black male presenting caregiver in a ball cap is wearing a young infant in a soft structured carrier.

Babywearing encourages bonding between an infant and caregiver.

White male presenting caregiver with a young toddler in a rainbow stripe wrap strap meh dai. In this side view, both are smiling widely.

Everyone here loves the babywearing cuddles.

The mission of Triangle Babywearers to help caregivers gain confidence through babywearing education and advocacy in the Triangle region of North Carolina (Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Garner, and Raleigh). Triangle Babywearers events are open to all interested parties and our lending library is available to dues-paying members.

Triangle Babywearers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers.

You may connect with us via our Facebook Page, our Facebook Group, or email volunteers@trianglebw.org.