Welcome to our Summer Learning Opportunities page for TRECA Digital Academy students! Over the summer months, students will not have access to their courses in Brightspace. We've collected learning opportunities to help all students stay sharp before the 2020-21 school year begins.

TRECA will resume classes on Monday, August 24, 2020. Please call us at 888-828-4798 if you have any questions!

At the top of this website, you will see grade band options. You may choose the grade band that they just completed or the grade level they will be going into next school year. Parents and Adult Learning Partners will find an Adult Support page designed just for them by selecting the Adult Support page, available under the Home link.

Resources provided on these pages are non-graded activities meant to encourage student learning opportunities. These will not be entered into a class grade book next school year. Since students are off-calendar, there is no need to enter this time into the Evolve portal.

Learn more about the Ohio Department of Education's Summer Food Service Program for children and students!

You can call 1-866-3-HUNGRY (486479) or visit education.ohio.gov/KidsEat to learn more.

Virtual Math Summer Camp: August 3 to 7

The link to participate will be posted here: https://math.osu.edu/btc-gem/2020

This year, Beyond the Classroom Math Summer Camp went virtual. We received more than 500 applications and served more than 100 students on our High School and Middle School versions, which took place in July.

We did not want any student to be left out which is why we created Open BTC, the same summer camp but open for everybody: students of all ages, teachers, parents, grandparents, whoever! Open BTC has the same content as the restricted versions, the only difference is that there won't be any video calls nor other synchronized sessions. Support and feedback will be provided through a forum on the learning platform (Canvas Network).

Although the program was originally designed for grades 7 and above, most of the content is reachable for lower grades too. Some activities are even suitable for first graders. The program is scaffolded, so that every student can get results at their own level.

The suggested schedule is from 9 am to 3 pm, but students can set their own schedule and work at their own pace.

Open BTC will run August 3 to 7. If you want to receive that information through email or if you want to learn more about the program, please contact us. We encourage you to consider this free of cost option. You can always join to try it out and drop it if you feel it doesn't suit your needs.

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