Professors and Lecturers Group

About our Group

The Professors and Lecturers Group is a space where instructors from different universities all over the world can collaborate and share resources in order to achieve an excellent quality of education in localization, translation, and interpretation.

This group also provides a bridge between academia and the professional world, by helping educators promote the profession of translation, interpreting and localization, creating contacts for possible internships, exchanges, and opportunities for students to get hands on training.

Our Mission

    • Facilitate professional communication between professors from different universities and countries to achieve excellent quality of education in translation and interpretation
    • Create a consortium with exchange programs
    • Create solid relationships with Industry , companies and professionals to better connect students with opportunities and to get feedback on current trends.
    • Help industry to recognize qualified translators and interpreters as well as promote the translation and interpretation profession

We discuss new trends and information

We share our knowledge and expertise

We partner with companies and experts

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To contact or join our Group, register at and find us under the Groups Section.