Ice Bag

Please read Important Points to be Observed with all Treatments before performing this treatment.

The ice bag is another means of applying local cold to the skin. It should be filled with finely chopped ice so that it is about 2cm / 1" thick. The air is driven out by water. Then the cap is screwed on, the bag should hold its shape by reason of the predominance of ice. It is covered with a layer of face towel before it is applied to skin. Commonly the ice bag is not kept in place continuously, but is removed for 20 minutes after 20 minutes application. Specially shaped ice bags are made for the spine, the neck (cravat) and head (ice cap).

In an emergency or if you don't have a commercial ice bag: to make an ice bag put a handful or two of ice from the cold compress basin into the friction mitt or cold compress hand towel.