Across the years, many waves of adventurers have delved the width and breadth of Toworia's history, future, and divinely-inspired madness.

The Third Hunt

Unwilling to sacrifice any of his friends for balance, the god Nyx embarks on a cyclical hunt. Every seven to seventy-seven years the god incarnates in the form of a massive white boar, while the rest of the gods are expelled from the Tower into avatar form. Whomsoever slays the White Boar gains any wish they desire, but the gods work in concert and against each other to make sure that only mortals faithful to them gain the wish from slaying the White Boar.

Tales of The Mistwars

When the ancient Tellurians created the Great Barrier, they trapped the essence of an entity within the Mistrealms. It desperately wants to escape its fate, and has spent centuries genetically engineering tribes of loyl followers until a clan could safely traverse the Mists, allowing the possibility of escape. The gods, however, are tipped off to this plot, in to small part due to the hijinks of a small adventuring troupe, looking to find their fame and fortune. What results, is the Mistwar, and the party is right at the thick of it.

The Silvermote Company

The remains of clan Fal, after the corruption and defeat of Patrim band together to form a society dedicated to protecting Toworia from those who would see it undone or subverted. Initiates of this order, the Silvermotes, must seek their way across time and Paradox to undo wrongs that haven't happened yet, to prevent calamities that might otherwise happen tomorrow.

The Well of Worlds (Mythic Silvermote)

Ascending to powers unheard of, after the near annihilation of the Silvermote Order and their multiplanar Manse, the powerful remains of the organization must challenge the deadliest foe the group has ever faced - the Gentleman Caller. Forming a powerful countergroup to the Silvermotes, the eternal entity of the Mists intends to warp the will of the Well of Worlds to escape his accursed prison, even if it means destroying Toworia in the process.

When the failed prophecy of Talrand lead to the destruction of that world and it's denizens, the remains were cast far beyond the great barrier, where the potent Entropic power of the artifacts and horrible god-magics of the realm would be isolated from harming any other worlds in the Multiverse. Unfortunately, the Telurians didn't account for the constant pernicious actions of the divinities of Toworia, hungry for new lands to conquer, and new people to bring under their faith. The resultant rent in reality not only threatens to destroy both realms, but provides precisely the type of calamity the Ebonmotes had been looking to exploit since their founder slew his patron.

Danger and chaos abounds in the Barony of Gryphondale with the disappearance of local leaders, and heightening religious tensions within the city, as mysterious monsters out of legends of the past start stalking the woods and mountains bounding the valley. The party must choose sides, must solve mysteries which lead to larger puzzles that they must discern the solutions to before time runs out for the city and it's inhabitants!