Collision Services

Let Town Line help you with your motor vehicle accident repair.

With many years of experience in the collision repair industry, Fred will be there to guide you through every phase of your repair.

We prepare FREE collision estimates on any type of loss, and can help with insurance company claims. Negotiating a settlement with insurance companies can be a hassle, but knowing how to deal with them to make sure all settlements are equitable, and that repairs can be completed properly, is our job. We also follow up after the loss is inspected, complete necessary paperwork and make sure payment checks are issued on time so that cars can be picked up when ready.

  • Phase 1: Prepare an estimate, obtain authorization and schedule the repair...
  • Phase 2: Disassemble vehicle, re inspect damage, prepare supplement (if applicable) and order additional parts if needed ...
  • Phase 3: Begin the structural and metal work repairs of the automobile ...
  • Phase 4: Vehicle prep for paint, reassembly and test drive ...

The auto body/collision industry has changed a great deal over the years and we strive to keep up with the latest technology. Our equipment, materials and procedures are always in stride with the latest innovations from the auto manufacturers. All of our work reflects this effort and we always stand behind every repair with our own guarantee.

Remember you have the right to have your vehicle repaired where ever you like. You do NOT have to get your vehicle repaired at an insurance company approved shop or one recommended by your insurance company. Your insurance company will try to sell this by saying they guarantee the repair work but the guarantee is only as good as what the individual shop provides. We guarantee the quality of our work for as long as you own your car!

Phase 1 key steps:

Prepare an estimate of the repairs needed.

Review the estimate with the owner and have the owner authorize the repair.

Contact the insurance company and obtain insurance approval.

Order and obtain the necessary parts to complete the repair.

Schedule when the repair will take place.

Phase 2 key steps:

Disassemble the vehicle and re inspect the damage.

Prepare a supplemental damage report if hidden damage is uncovered.

Obtain approval from the insurance company for any additional repairs that are needed.

Order any additional parts that may be needed.

Phase 3 key steps:

Vehicle will be place on the unibody repair equipment in order to repair any unibody/frame damage.

All structural repairs will be completed.

All panels will be installed.

All metal work will be inspected and our initial repairs test will be completed.

Phase 4 key steps:

Vehicle will be prepped, primed for paint.

Masking and taping will be completed then the vehicle will be moved to the paint booth.

We will now match the paint using our computerized paint matching system and apply to the vehicle using a multi step refinishing process.

Any reassembly and all finishing details will be completed.

Vehicle will be inspected to be sure it meets our quality standards and test driven.

Finally, we will go over all the repairs with the owner.