Welcome to Townley Grammar School's Careers and Futures Hub

"Pupils are prepared for their future careers and the world of work. Careers education starts in Year 7 and continues throughout the school. While most students in the sixth form go to university, leaders also introduce them to other options that are available, for example apprenticeships. Students receive comprehensive support and guidance from staff when making applications." 

Ofsted, 2023

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The Careers Team believe in building opportunities, driving social mobility and inspiring aspirations that have a lasting impact on our communities. The team work alongside the senior leadership team in order to embed valuable, pertinent Careers Education that is appropriate for our students and fulfils our purpose of transforming communities through education and education through our communities.

Careers Education in Year 12 is focused on recognising and building on students’ skills and preparing them for their Post18 pathways. Students are fully supported in making applications for their Post 18 transition, whether this is university, an apprenticeship or alternative pathway.

The Careers Team are always on hand for advice, with bespoke Careers Guidance meetings available and a wealth of support provided through our character and wellbeing programme. It is of primary importance that students find the pathway which is right for them and that they are being provided with the tools in order to make these choices.

We have also made a commitment to Unifrog, which is a one-stop-shop destinations platform that has now grown to encompass, alongside all UK universities, apprenticeships and Further Education colleges, as well as US and Canadian universities, and degrees taught in English in Europe, Asia and Australasia. Their mission is to level the playing field when it comes to young people finding the best opportunities for them; they put having a positive social impact before anything else.