Upcoming Events

Events 2018-2019

We are thrilled to be offering a wide range of opportunities to experience fellowship and fun! We do ask that if you plan to attend one or all of our events that you register for the event so we can be sure to have enough chaperones to run the events, as well as food and drink for them!

Core Game Night - April 12, 2019

Games, Food, Ice Cream?!

Come spend a night filled with tons of games, snacks, and fun! We will have free run of the church for the evening! We will have pizza and ice cream sundaes, and will play so many amazing games including an escape room, NERF wars, sardines, and even a game simply known as "The Sanctuary Game!"

The Details

  • Register Here
  • 7:00 PM Friday start with a pick up at 11:30 PM
  • Meet in the Attic
  • We will have snacks, drinks and ice cream sundaes!
  • We will have a whole collection of games throughout the night!


Contact Gerard Marrone - 908.406.8983 or email at Gerard@towerhillchurch.org