We owned a number of different Farrier folding trimarans including a F-27, F-31 and F25C. Amazing little speed demons, these boats are fast, agile and best of all, fold up for transport by trailer.

These trailerable fast hot rods provided us access to far off places such as Australia's great barrier reef, Desolation Sound in Canada, Mexico and Lake Tahoe and others.

We even participated in an offshore race in 1997 from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas winning second in our class with a crew including son Brad and long time friend Steve Wann.

"I remember well anchoring Siddiqui, our F-31 50 miles from shore off the Great Barrier Reef and watching the tide rise leaving us anchored in the middle of the ocean (picture on the right). Very strange and then the wind picked up and you couldn't see land in any direction."

When we first retired in 1995, Marvin and Ruth happily lived aboard Noor (our F-31) in San Diego for our first two months.

F-31 - "Siddiqui" made in Australia anchored in the Great Barrier Reef

F-31 - "Noor" (made in San Diego) enroute to Mexico - 1997 Baja Haha

F-27 - "Saturday Knight" in Texas

F25 C - This Carbon Fiber boat - 27 ft long weighed only 1350 lb.! Scary fast