Supportive Environment

Tutoring Fall Semester 2018

Tutoring Schedule

Guidance Department Phone Extensions

Phone: 718-668-8800

Phone Ext.

Debbie DeJohn 61001

Jodie Tobio 61009

Jodie Forminio 61003

Kevin Levy 61004

Marie Marro 61005

Jennifer Mazzola-DiCecco 61006

Brian Neville, College A101 21133

Alla Patrick 61002

Tamara Shapiro C206 61007

Jessie Siegel 61008

Teresa DeBoer D103A 41032

Danielle Pugliese D103C 41033

Jeremiah Corbo D103C 41035

Respect For All Liaison contacts:

  • Ms. Watkins, AP PPS ext 11171
  • Ms. Pugliese, school counselor ext 41033
  • Ms. DeVoll, peer mediation specialist, ext 41412
  • Respect for All Letter



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Language Access Handbook for Schools

All of our students have a right to attend public school, regardless of immigration status. We want to remind families that school is a safe and supportive place for all children. Please click Letter From ChancellorImmigrationMay2017.pdf to review the details

THS participated in #includED