Earth Science All Around

Using 360 Imagery To

Support Place-based Instruction

About the workshop:

Whether you are at the workshop in person or exploring the workshop on your own this website will be your introduction to place-based instruction in the geosciences. We'll explore a specific geoscience-related topic—watersheds—through scientifically-based online modeling, and will guide you through a hands-on experience with 360 cameras. You will learn to capture 360 images, and how to locate existing ones on the Internet. You will design place-based instructional scenarios that tie together 360 images and geoscience topics using your own images, as well as those available in Google Street View, to connect to your local setting and/or other locations that may be of interest to your students. As an example application, we will explore watersheds using online WikiWatershed Apps “Runoff Simulator” and “Model My Watershed”, which allow users to adjust parameters and consider effects of different ground cover scenarios on their watershed. The participants will recognize that these ground cover scenarios reflect various social and cultural considerations (e.g., such as the priority placed on maintaining parklands and sustainable development) that are inherent in decision making.