Downloadable Material

The following are provided for players and GMs wishing to try out the game. The Rules Lite version allows for the construction of campaigns and stories up to Rank 5 before requiring advanced rule sets. GMs constructing their own stories are always encouraged to send in their final product for publication. We are constantly seeking new tales for this Tortured Earth!

Rules Lite GM Guide

Rules Lite Player's Guide

Handout: Combat Summary Sheet

4 Page Human Character Sheet

Free Adventure: Just Another Day

Free Campaign: Mountains of Mists and Mystery

Branauch, Encounter Creature

Faeda, Encounter Creature

Fetid Hound, Encounter Creature

Minotaur, Encounter Creature

Wolf, Encounter Creature

Allorn, PC Species

Dwarf, PC Species

Elf, PC Species

Eoceph, PC Species

Goblin, PC Species