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The TNR Certification Workshop is only 3 hours and gives you the skills, knowledge and access to the low cost medical services needed to be successful in doing TNR yourself. Workshops are offered in every borough regularly. You will learn how to care for the feral and stray cats in your community and make use of the many resources now available to assist you. All workshop attendees will become TNR certified and NYC residents will gain access to low cost spay/neuter services, free traps and equipment rentals, and expert guidance and assistance.

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Is there a fee for TNR?

As a nonprofit organization, we ask for a donation of $50 per cat or kitten that we trap during TNR. Donations support our TNR work (travel, trapping and equipment, medical expenses, supplies, food and shelter during cat recovery) and our work with community cats that may need more extensive medical attention. Donations also help pay for the extended care needed for kittens before they can be adopted. All donations include spay/neuter and vaccinations. Neighborhood cats in traps also get ear tipped. Additional optional services are available for a small fee.

Included in $50 TNR donation for Feral Neighborhood Cats in Traps:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Belly Tattoo
  • Ear tip

Optional services (at additional cost and upon request):

  • Revolution for Cats & Kittens - $15 per cat
  • SNAP FeLV/FIV Combo Test - $25 per cat
  • Microchips - $20 per cat

We Do Not Admit Owner Surrender Cats

Entrance into our own adoption program is solely at our discretion. We can assist with low cost spay/neuter services, some medical needs, and give advice on how to re-home a cat if needed. We are not able to admit cats under most circumstances into our own adoption program.

To submit a request for TNR, complete our

Trap-Neuter-Return Agreement

TNR works best when everyone involved is in agreement and "on the same page".

All community cats trapped during TNR will be:

  • ear tipped for easy identification later and;
  • spayed/neutered and;
  • be vaccinated [FVRCP + Rabies] and;
  • be returned and released back to the location of trapping once recovered from surgery.
  • medicated if sick for an addition fee.

Feral community cats trapped during TNR are NEVER:

  • relocated. All trapped cats will be returned and released back to the location of trapping.
  • admitted into adoption programs. They have a home, the outdoors.

Release from Liability

I understand and agree that TNR Utopia Inc shall not be liable to me or held responsible by me in any manner whatsoever for, or in connection with, the procedure to be performed on the Animal, and I hereby hold TNR Utopia Inc harmless from and against any and all liability and damages that may arise.

Friendly Cats and Kittens

Friendly cats and/or kittens, encountered during TNR, will be assessed by TNR Utopia Inc prior to TNR Utopia Inc agreeing to intake. TNR Utopia Inc has complete discretion and permission to intake any friendly cats and/or kittens, encountered during TNR, into their adoption program if it will benefit the health and wellbeing of the cat and/or kitten.

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