Warpath academy

Tuloso-Midway's Warpath Academy is designed to serve students who are interested in pursuing post-secondary credentials, earning transferable college credit hours, participating in work-based learning experiences, and accelerating their high school career.

All students who wish to be involved in any of the Warpath Academy programs must submit an online application by the given deadline. These deadlines are firm as certain college-level courses must have registration complete by their own dates. 


The 42-core credit hours offered through the Academy are transferable to any Texas public college or university. By taking these courses at the Academy, students are dramatically decreasing the time and expense spent at their decided college or university without worrying if the courses will transfer.


The Academy offers AM and PM schedules for classes at Texas A&M University - Kingsville and Coastal Bend College in order to accommodate all students who wish to be a part of the Academy, such as athletes, fine arts, and CTE students, to name a few. 


The Tuloso-Midway Warpath Academy shall identify, recruit, and enroll all students no matter their subpopulation or proficiency level. Enrollment decisions shall not be based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recommendation, parent or student essays, minimum grade point average (GPA), or other criteria that create barriers to student enrollment.


Though there are no requirements to select a Warpath Academy program, in order to take the required college coursework tied to each program of study, there could be a TSI requirement on certain courses. If a student is not TSI-ready when they run into this barrier, they must take and pass the required TSI subject prior to being allowed to continue their program. This could mean taking a semester off or being removed from the program, depending on the stage of the barrier. 

community support

The Career & Technical Education Department is looking for individuals who are interested in helping shape student opportunities through CTE Programs at Tuloso-Midway High School.

These individuals would have a sear on our Advisory Committee, attend monthly meetings, and provide feedback for topics such as work-based learning, curriculum, and post-secondary opportunities. If you are interested in taking part in this initiative, please use the link below to sign up to receive more information!