About Us

Crimson Blades is a fencing club serving elementary, middle and high school age, and adult fencers. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced fencing programs in epee, foil and saber.

Our programs are designed for recreational fencers as well as fencers who want to compete.

Our fencers learn a sport that they can enjoy for a lifetime, our competitive fencers get prepared to compete in local, regional and national tournaments, and have qualified to compete in the Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics.

Crimson Blades is also the official home of the championship Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools (LHS-VHHS) Thundercats Fencing Team, during the off-season.

Crimson Blades Fencing, and it’s partner LHS VHHS Thundercats Fencing, are governed by the LHS-VHHS Fencing Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to promote the Olympic sport of fencing. All proceeds from the club are used to support Crimson Blades Fencing and Thundercats Fencing Team.