Spine Procedures

We provide image guided spinal procedures using x-ray guidance. 

The spinal procedure or injection you will have is also known as a block. After the initial evaluation, Dr. Thiyaga may offer one or many of the following procedures based on the objective findings, such as your physical examination, test results (EMG, lab work), and radiology studies (MRI, CT Scan, Bone Scan) as well as subjective information (the actual symptoms and pain you are experiencing).

At Dr. Thiyaga's practice, all spinal injections are performed under X-ray guidance, also known as fluoroscopy. This enables Dr. Thiyaga to visualize your spine to ensure accurate needle placement. The benefits of having the injection done under X-ray guidance are, reduced risk of complication and improved chances of positive results. Upon request, we can release the images to you or your referring doctor.

Some physicians practice the old method of localization of the affected area by their bare hands, a method commonly known as "blind" procedures. Published reports have shown that such blind injections deposit medication in the wrong place 25-40% of the time. Image guided procedure assures that the injectionist has done the procedure he or she has promised, as many patients who fail theses injections may have to undergo open spinal surgery.


Facet Joint Blocks  

Facet Nerve Blocks

Radiofrequency Lesioning



Peripheral Joint Injections


Please read our pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions.