This page consists of SPC Instructions, Notices and Patient Hand-outs

Spc Preprocedure 2020.pdf

Pre-procedure Instructions

Post procedure SPC 2020.pdf

Post-procedure Instructions

SPC Pain Diary.pdf

Post-procedure Pain Diary

SPC Gabapentine titration 2020.pdf

Gabapentine Titration

SPC Neck Exercises.pdf

Neck Exercises

Permission to hold off blood thinners.pdf

Advice on Blood Thinners

How psychologists help with pain management APA.pdf

Pain Psychology

CDC TUFTS growing_stronger for older adults.pdf

Exercise Program

Credits: Tufts University and CDC
Exercises for lower back pain - Google Docs.pdf

Lower Back Exercises

CDC opioid guidlines.pdf

CDC Guidlines on Opioids

FDA Warns on Concurrent Use of Opioids and Benzos _ MedPage Today.pdf

FDA advisory against Opioids and Benzos

FDA Approves Cymbalta for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain.pdf

FDA approves Duloxetine for MSK pain


Record Release Form