A proud member of the Massachusetts Charter School Athletic Organization and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association


NHCS Athletics Mission Statement

Neighborhood House Charter School believes that Athletics provide a positive outlet for students to build upon their education. The program asks students to maintain themselves to the highest academic standard while also providing the opportunity for personal growth and athletic development. This is a privilege that we aim to provide to all eligible students. By putting on the NHCS uniform, you are acknowledging the need to carry out a serious set of responsibilities to your school, your town, and your team. 

Coupling competitive performance with a high academic standard provide the pillars to our program. Student-athletes will learn the value of discipline and how it relates to the growth of a team. We also maintain the expectation that student-athletes will learn how to productively cope with defeat, but also win with class and respect. 

While athletic achievement and high-level competition are pillars of our program, the foundation lies in the student-athlete demonstrating the desire to seek knowledge, embrace effort, act thoughtfully, and commit to the common good. This aligns itself with Neighborhood House Charter School’s core mission and values. We maintain the mindset that community and culture within our school drive our performance on the field. We Are?! LEGENDS.