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The Hive Interactive: Where Learning is Curious, Active, and Fun

We are a nontraditional home education program & learning platform that empowers learners of all ages and backgrounds to discover their passions, develop their skills, and design their futures. Whether you need 1:1 tutoring, life and future skills training, or nontraditional learning memberships, we have you covered. Our Hive Guides are experts in stealth learning techniques, which create dynamic and engaging environments for online education. 

You can choose what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, and when you want to learn it. You can also run your own mock-businesses, practice real-life scenarios, and collaborate with other learners using modern tools and simulations. Our Hive Keeper also offers homeschool education training, a cohort that teaches home educators how to apply our Curious|Active|Fun philosophy to their own teaching methods. 

Join us today and see how The Hive Interactive can transform the way you do school forever. 

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Spring Homeschool Online

We love using a Curious|Active|Fun Philosophy to learn 5 Future Skills! 

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Level 1 homeschooler learns to play chess! 

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2024 Course Catalog

From Entrepreneurship to Engineering, The Hive Interactive offer neurodivergent learners a growing list of online iRLs (In Real Life Scenarios) &  SiMS (Stealth Innovation Module Simulations) with core subject material covertly integrated. Click below to learn more.

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Multi-aged learners high-5 Mr. Sobrino online, creating digital art and discussing the Goal C.O.D.E.

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What we do at The Hive...

Junior Hive Guide Mason (Level 7) interviews Mr. Sobrino about what goes on at The Hive Interactive. 

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Innovative Education

The Hive Interactive's Founder & Director of Learning, Angel Sobrino was a panelist, and hosted an interactive booth at this family-friendly event! We experienced all the feels at the 1st InEd Live event at MoDS in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Angel Sobrino was at InEd Live! 

1/20/2024 @ MoDS

InEd Network


Miles4theMinds is a nonprofit organization that supports learners by creating permissionless memories through travel. It offers homeschool eco-adventures, family challenges, and team-building activities for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Miles4theMinds believes that travel is the best way to learn about the world, develop life and future skills, and have fun. 

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Take the leap into nontraditional learning!

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The First Years at The Hive Interactive

The Hive Interactive is a nontraditional learning environment that uses stealth learning and gamification to engage learners of all ages. Founded by the innovative team at Sobrino’s Virtual Services, The Hive Interactive provides online homeschool support, private tutoring, life and future skills training, and seasonal memberships. The first years at The Hive Interactive were full of fun, curiosity, and active learning.

Highlights included:

Mock-businesses: Learners use entrepreneurship skills to run their own mock-businesses, such as a sauce company, a them park visionary, and a T-shirt shop.

IRLs and SIMS: Learners practice real-life scenarios and collaboration skills using various trade tools and simulations, such as a Cricut Maker, drones, and  video games.

Global leadership: As Hive members, learners participate in a world-class global leadership training program that embraces The Hive Interactive’s philosophy of curious, active, and fun learning from Florida to Tennessee to Vermont.

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The Hive Interactive are 2023 Awardees of the prestigious Next Step Grant.

We are beyond thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude for Vela Education Fund, and their generous support and guidance throughout this journey. Thanks to this Next Step grant, we will be able to achieve our goals and serve more learners and families, expanding the reach of our neurodiverse and nontraditional community of learners.

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