Gifted in the Classroom

How does The GLOBE Academy support gifted and high achieving students in the classroom?

Our school is unique. Dual language immersion provides a built in level of rigor and challenge the minute the students step into the classroom! Therefore, how we support gifted and high achieving students will look different from other schools that do not have dual language immersion as their primary model for teaching. All classes have multiple transitions built into their day. Therefore, gifted support will not include pulling students out of their classes to go to a specific "gifted class". Please see below for all of the ways we plan to support these students.

  • Your student's classroom teachers already work very hard to differentiate within the classroom for every student.
  • I will assist and support teachers in further differentiating for high level learners through lesson plans, teaching and conferencing during workshops, working with small groups in the classroom, and Google Classroom assignments.

  • Co-teaching is an important and integral part of teaching at The GLOBE Academy. I will work to collaborate as a support and co-teacher when I am in each classroom.
  • Building lessons, projects, or units that follow and enrich what the students are already doing will be a primary goal of collaboration as a support for high level learners.

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • We will work toward goal setting in terms of social and emotional learning for students who may struggle in specific areas. Please see the SEL section of this website for more information on this aspect of giftedness.