Eco Activities

The website has the following main functions:

  • To Educate people about the coming changes to the planet, and how we live our lives will be changed.

  • Finding problems that we can resolve and take action on - even if it is at a local level, instead of a global one.

  • To devise strategies to safeguard the people of this area from the coming impact of global heating.

  • Getting people such as yourself to ACTIVELY suggest ideas and solutions to problems, and better - suggest new ideas to create a beautiful world.

  • Connecting people with similar interests, and showing others what interests and skills we have to help in this endeavour in a searchable data base showing skills and interests of members, much like the yellow pages. (coming soon).

  • To encourage people to discuss issues through chat groups.

  • To have a repository of prepared material that can be downloaded and utilised.

To familiarise yourself with the problems and damage to our only home, please go here. To dive in and help by learning about other's plans, and to actively assist in bringing in the new technologies and working with governments, please go here.

Thoughts create things. We can do it. We can positively create a new, creative and happy future.

First time here? Please read this Welcome Page

This site is about making a future for our children and all future generations. It is NOT about Doom and Gloom - it is about recognising and solving problems, and taking our heads OUT of the sand. Diagnose and repair. We have about 10 years left to do constructive actions to create a bright, happy, creative and clean future for all of us. We recognise that damage is being caused to our planet, and that we need a good environment in which thrive.

And so, despite whether you believe Climate Change is caused by humans or not, we have to plan for how we are going to survive and thrive in the coming future.

Right now, we have a safe place - a platform - from which we can develop new technologies and thinking to usher a new world. Essentially, the planet needs a big clean up, as does our thinking.

Clean food, clean water, clean thinking, good laws, and a money system that helps us, instead of enslaving us.

We want to go from this.

constantly chasing money

To this, bringing heaven to earth

and destroying the environment

to clean power like this

We need to go from dirty polluting transport

to clean electric transport and trucks

Useless wars and confrontations with authorities

can be changed to peace on earth