Mathematics can be challenging, beautiful, powerful and fascinating. Wherever problems need to be solved, Mathematics is involved. It is fundamental to the study of engineering, virtually all science subjects and useful for many other subjects.

More and more careers need knowledge of Mathematics or Statistics. If you are interested in becoming a linguist, geographer, psychologist, share-broker, architect, market researcher, computer programmer, engineer, physicist or biologist – Mathematics will open doors.

Junior Mathematics

The focus on the courses that are offered in the junior years to build students skills in a wide range of mathematical areas while helping them identify areas of strength that they possess so they can target them for future study.

Level 1 Mathematics

This years courses are designed to provide challenge that is achievable and allow the students a pathway into further study of mathematical concepts in Levels 2 and 3. The focus will be on developing sounds mathematical skills required for not only further study in Mathematics, but also essential in real life.

Level 2 Mathematics

The level 2 courses have been designed to provide challenge while building the students skills to the required level to be successful at level 3.

Level 3 Mathematics

The Level 3 course are very different and each will provide challenge for the students. These course are designed to provide students with the required pathways for further study.