Junior Computing

Year 9 Computing (9COM)

The Year 9 course is a half year course. The aim is to provide students with opportunity to use some of the fantastic software tools that are available. The students edit photos, record, edit and publish audio and video, they publish on the web and explore 3D design in Minecraft. We aim to engage girls with digital technologies and make them aware of the awesome opportunities that working future technologies can offer.

Course Outline

  • Graphics in Photoshop: using layers, filters, masks, brushes, colour channels and animation
  • Audio in Acid and Audacity: creating music with loops, recording, editing and publishing sound, combining music and voice, adding sound effects.
  • Video in Movie Maker: record, edit and publish video. Add titles, soundtracks and effects.
  • 3D Design in Minecraft: Yes we certainly do, we play Minecraft! Design and build in Minecraft and then record and publish your group video in Minecraft including your own original soundtrack.

A scene from a student Minecraft movie!