Digital Technologies

11 to 13 Digital Technologies

This University approved course is designed to lead into further training in Computer Science and IT related industries.

The courses have two key components:

  • Computer Programming: The Year 11 course uses Scratch or Java to teach programming fundamentals. In Year 12 & Year 13 we use further Java development. Also, in Year 13 the first year Waikato University "Introduction to Computer Science" (COMP103 Unistart paper) is available for interested students. If students get an overall merit or excellence endorsement at level 2 then they automatically get a scholarship from the university to cover their fee for the Unistart paper.
  • Web Technology: We use HTML to construct a basic website. PHP and mySQL are used to add database functionality to the site.

This course is assessed using Achievement Standards and the full list of standards is available here.

The Digital Technologies website is available here.

Project Based Alternative

A project based alternative is available for motivated, self directed students, upon request and approval.

A single project can be assessed using the generic technology stands. These follow the technology cycle of brief, research design, implementation and project management.

Example projects

  • design, create and maintain a phone app
  • design, create and maintain a robot
  • design, create and maintain a device for IoT - using a rasberry pi or arduino
  • design, create and maintain an original computer game