Welcome to the Tauranga Girls' College Computing.

We are excited about offering opportunities to young woman to prepare themselves for life and work in a digital world.

Senior Digital Technology & Computing (Year 11 - Year 13)

We have two streams of Senior courses in our Department:

The Digital Technology stream offers courses in computer programming, web technologies and project based learning. Our Digital Technology offering is a university approved course.

The Computing stream offers courses in the use of office applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases and graphics tools. Both streams run from Year 11 to Year 13.

Junior Computing (Year 9 & Year 10)

The Year 9 course is a half year course. The aim is to provide students with opportunity to use some of the fantastic software tools that are available. The students edit photos, record, edit and publish audio and video, they publish on the web and explore 3D design in Minecraft.

The Year 10 course is a full year course. We build on all the great multimedia skills that we learned in Year 9 and get ready for some of the NCEA assessments in Year 11. The course includes, graphics, audio and video editing, game creation, 3D design and more problem solving in Minecraft!

How will I learn?

The Digital Technology area offers students opportunity to learn through computing. We understand that being able to use the web and digital resources to teach yourself is an essential skill. Our students have access to powerful machines and a wide range of complex software tools. They learn to use a range of digital formats and techniques in order to gain skills that employment in tomorrow's world will require. Many of skills and techniques are delivered through video, and girls will often work together on group projects to apply these skills.

Department Goal 2017

"To increase digital fluency in every TGC student and create a buzz (curiosity and excitement) about the 'yet to be discovered' digital technology possibilities. ('ctrl+alt+inspire')"

Department Goal 2016

"To inquire about different strands in computing and inspire students to continue a lifelong learning journey in the ICT industry."

Department Goal 2015

"To improve the opportunities for students to gain skills and certification in Office software applications while maintaining the use multimedia learning tools. This will involve trialing online teaching, testing and certification programs."

Department Goal 2014

"To provide opportunities for the students to gain academic credit for the production of multimedia content including sound, video and animation. In doing so we will equip students to participate and collaborate in the digital exchange of information that will be their life-long knowledge landscape."

Want to know more?

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Digital Technology teacher - Mrs Janet Reddy