Operation Sense: Session 2


This virtual session continues the learning we began in Operation Sense Session 1 . In that session we looked at the difference between Operation Sense and Computations and talked about how Operation Sense develops over time. We then looked specifically at Addition and Subtraction and discovered that helping students recognize "problem structures" has significant impact on improving learning. You are welcome to revisit that session at any time.

In Session 2, we continued talking about problem structures and then turned our focus to Computation Strategies. The video below will give you more details.

As we did in session 1, there are pre-recorded videos and posted the facilitative supports to this site so that you can move through the material at your own pace and revisit or share the learning with others at any time. We will also use collaborative work spaces (aka Google docs) where others shared their thinking with others. All 'handouts' are made available as you work through the site.

While it's certainly not a prerequisite for you to participate in a team, it's often more enjoyable when you have someone to share the learning with. So consider who you could invite as there are multiple opportunities for discussion.

We're glad you can join us and we hope you find this approach to professional development helpful.

Moses & Craig

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