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Mathematics LEADERSHIP & LEARNING Network (ML2N)

Bringing mathematics learning leaders together with a common vision to improve EY-12 mathematics outcomes for students across the Barrie Region.

About Our Leadership Learning Network

Join The Math Pod

The Math Pod is a collaborative learning space for educators who want to learn more about mathematics. We will be engaging with researchers through podcasts, blogging and Twitter chats. Join us!

For the fall series of broadcasts, October 11, 18, 25 and November 1, 8-9 pm with Cathy Fosnot and Stephen Hurley.

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ML2N Invitation to Participate
ML2N Network Learning

Why A Learning and Leadership Network?

This is an image of a female high school student.  She has a backpack on and is carrying books in her left arm. There is a quote bubble that says “When I graduate from school, I will enter a world that is more competitive and connected than ever before”.
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Coming together is a beginning... Keeping together is progress... Working together is success...

This is an image of a male high school student.  He has a backpack on and has his right arm outstretched, palm up. There is a quote bubble that says “We will be the innovators, community builders, creators, skilled workers, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow”.

What Are We Learning?