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TechnoChic makes DIY tech-craft kits that combine crafts with electronics and engineering. For too long, creators have identified with a certain type of skill set - either hard skills like soldering and robotics or soft skills like knitting and sewing. These two groups rarely crossed, and that same line has often been drawn between genders.

TechnoChic shatters these conventions by providing a resource for crafters to explore technology, and techies to explore craft. Natasha Dzurny is the owner and designer of the kits, and draws from years of design, customer service and electronics experience. The kits target smart, crafty girls age 8 - 12, but customers include the greater arts & crafts market - including all ages and genders.

TechnoChic sells tech-craft kits direct to consumer online, at large events like Maker Faire, in select retail stores, and also in the preliminary stages of developing a monthly subscription. For more information, go to

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About Natasha

Natasha Dzurny is the owner and designer of TechnoChic DIY Tech-Craft kits. She holds a BFA in Advertising Design from SCAD and a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU, and has spent her professional career in education and design positions, including teaching apps like Final Cut Pro for the Apple Store, and designing products for companies like Creator Box and LittleBits. Natasha had dedicated her diverse experience to making both arts & crafts and science & engineering more inclusive to all genders. Read about her adventures in technology, design, and craft and purchase TechnoChic DIY tech-craft kits at

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Outside the logomark, TechnoChic is spelled as one word with no space, with the "T" and "C" capitalized. It is pronounced teknōSHēk (a combination of "Techno" as in short for "Technology", and "chic" like "chic fashion")

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The TechnoChic color is: #9cdbd9 #9cdbd9


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