The Arts

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Mr. J. Cullen

Teaching Staff: Ms. S. Adams, Mr. J. Cullen, Mrs. A. Faraj, Ms. R. Lefort (on-leave), Ms. C. Lockhart, Mrs. C. Mashinter (on-leave), Ms. K. Shepherd, Mr. J. Silva, Ms. J. Worsnop

The Arts

At West Humber CI, we offer one of the most diverse ARTS programs in the TDSB. There is something for everyone at any level of experience. We offer Visual Arts, Visual Arts with an Aboriginal Focus, Crafts, and Yearbook courses where students can create and display beautiful works of art in many different mediums. Photography, and Media Arts courses give students an opportunity to create and manipulate art in the digital world using technology.

Our Drama program provides students with the opportunity to write and perform original scripts, learn mime, movement, storytelling and improvisation. The Music Theatre class studies also studies acting, and puts on full-length Broadway plays and musicals. The Dance program is a wonderful hands-on comprehensive program that covers many diverse styles from Bollywood to Hip-Hop, and provides many performance opportunities at school and in the community.

Our Music program has Canada's largest Steel Band credit course, a sensational marching Drumline/Percussion Ensemble, Guitar classes, and an exciting Instrumental Band music program. All of our music ensembles perform regularly at high-profile events and concerts all over the GTA.

New in 2015 will be Vocal Music for those who wish to sing in a choir setting, and AMR (Arts Music Repertoire/Rehearsals) where students can earn a credit for their instrumental music rehearsals after school!

With WHCI ARTS, you can do it all! Get involved, develop your creative side, and CREATE! Creativity brings success!