Educators now have access to four new widgets to enhance student learning in Brightspace! HTDLL, George Janeteas, shares more about each new widget in the video explanations.

Photo Banner.mp4

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Photo Banner

Allows teachers to upload images in a carousel with the option to have each photo link to relevant information.

☑️ Great way to capture the attention of your students.

☑️ Visual images to support learning.

☑️ Celebrate student work and class moments to highlight learner contributions, and inspire peers.

Welcome Window.mp4

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Welcome Window

The first time a student logs into a course, the Welcome widget will display a pop-up message. You can use it to update students when you have an important change or announcement you want students to know about.


☑️ Can provide information to new students about how your courses work, where to find resources, and even how to navigate Brightspace.

☑️ The messages can include text, images, and even short videos.

Slim Announcements.mp4

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Slim Announcements

Gives teachers the option for a more simplified view of the announcements by trimming the display to a single image and a set length of text on the course landing page.


☑️ Concise messaging helps to avoid overwhelming information for the users.

Visual Table of Contents.mp4

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Visual Table of Contents

Creates a card in the widget for every unit created on the content page to track progress as students are working through the content.


☑️ Adds a highly visual and organized system to your homepage to support course content.

☑️ Help support and promote learner progress.


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