Norseman Parent Council (SAC)

Welcome to Norseman Junior Middle School! We’d like to introduce ourselves if you haven’t already heard of us. The SAC aka “Parent Council” is made up of any parents of children attending the school; our principals; teachers; and an elected committee of parents. We are a volunteer council governed by a set of ByLaws.

What do we do? The Parent Council (SAC) connects parents, teachers, administration, and the community at large. We are tasked with overall improvement of our children’s school experience, fundraising initiatives, and community building events. The parent council advises the principal and the board on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals, budget priorities and school safety.

Attending the Parent Council is simple! Attend our monthly meetings either via zoom or in person to listen and/or participate in conversations on what is happening at our school. The more parents we have the more views and issues can be represented to truly support all the Norseman students.

Joining the Parent Council is also simple! Sign up to be a voting member at our first meeting. Attend our monthly meetings either via zoom or in person without missing three meetings to remain a voting member. As a voting member you can vote on any decisions that the council has at every meeting. You can also nominate yourself for any of the Parent Council Positions at the start of the year; the current voting members will vote you in. An agenda for the meeting will be sent out a few days in advance of every meeting so keep an eye out for "Parent Council Meeting Agenda” email or check the "meetings & newsletters" page of our website.

Join our Meetings held once a month at the Norseman School Library from 6:30 – 8:30pm. Childcare is provided for the duration of our meetings. If you can’t attend in person, consider joining via THIS ZOOM LINK

Find information and updates about us, what we do, how to participate, our monthly meeting minutes, useful resources for parents/guardians, our fundraisers etc. on this website. We update it regularly. You can also find our updates and reminders on Facebook or Instagram. Add the School google calendar to your phone/computer and know everything that your child(ren) and the parent council are doing throughout the year.

Your suggestions and ideas can be heard. If you have questions or need some information, email us. If you have something you'd like to discuss at one of our meetings, please let us know via email a week in advance so we can ensure we add your item to the agenda. Any new items that people bring forward at the meeting will be discussed at the end of the meeting providing there is time, otherwise they will be brought forward at the following meeting.

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