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AM*3M & AM*4M = University level courses

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Symphonic Band  at MusicFest Nationals

Ottawa, Ontario

Instrumental Band: AMI1O1, AMI2O1, AMI3M1, AMI4M1

AMI1O2 is now also offered! Beginner Grade 9 Instrumental Band - no previous musical experience required unlike AMI1O1.

Instrumental classes here at York Mills C.I. are deeply involved in our community. We strive for excellence and are committed to learning from each other and giving back where we can. Our award-winning Symphonic Band has been a part of the City of Toronto's Remembrance Day Service for over 30 years and we collaborate with St. Andrew's M.S and Windfields M.S. for the Richmond Hill Santa Claus Parade as well as the SantaFest Maple Parade. 

The Symphonic Band and the Concert Band (Gr 9's) compete in Kiwanis, the Ontario Band Association Concert Band Festival, as well as MusicFest Nationals every year where we routinely win Gold and Silver.

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Select members of the Symphonic Band performing for the City of Toronto Remembrance Day Service

Repertoire: AMR3M1, AMR4M1

Repertoire runs outside the timetable which can be a 9th course for our band members. This course is solely devoted to playing and works in conjunction with AMI3M1, and AMI4M1. Students must have AMI1O1 and AMI2O1 as well as take AMI3M1 and AMI4M1 as co-requisites. Students are offered many enrichment opportunities such as Small Ensembles and conducting opportunities while continuing their advanced studies in their main instrument. 

Chamber Strings performing at the York Mills Achievement Awards Ceremony

Strings: AMS1O1, AMS2O1, AMS3M1, AMS4M1

The strings course at York Mills C.I. is of the highest caliber. Our strings students are all very committed members of our Chamber Orchestra and balance their academics and athletics. In our strings program, students learn to play advanced string orchestral repertoire from notable composers, learn how to work in an ensemble, improve their playing skills, and experience a diversity of musical understanding. Students are provided enrichment opportunities like conducting and learning about performance practices through various eras of music history. 

Student performing at our Winter Music NIght

Guitar: AMG1O1, AMG2O1, AMG3M1, AMG4M1

This course is ideal for independent learners from beginners to advanced. Classical Guitar focuses on playing and is a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to learn the guitar or those with previous experience. There are many different opportunities available to those who take this class like learning a variety of styles and genres, playing in ensembles, and learning to harmonize and arrange pieces for the guitar. 

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24 Full-Sized Keyboards & 2 Grand Pianos available in our Keyboard Program

Keyboard: AMK1O1, AMK2O1, AMK3M1, AMK4M1, AMK1O5*, AMK2O5* (French Immersion)

*Grade 9 & 10 are also offered in French Immersion*

This course is designed for students of all levels, including those with advanced piano skills (including RCM Grade 10 and ARCT). It is an independently-run course where students, beginners or advanced, can use their class time to achieve a high level in piano.  There are many enrichment opportunities availabel such as duets, concertos with chamber strings, accompaniment playing, and composing.  We have 24 full-sized electronic pianos as well as two beautiful grand pianos and many upright pianos in practice rooms for our keyboard students to use.