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Drama courses require students to actively explore dramatic forms and techniques, using their own ideas and concerns as well as sources selected from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. Students learning will include identifying and using the principles of space, time, voice, and movement in creating, sustaining, and communicating authentic roles within a drama. Students will assume responsibility for decisions made in the creation and presentation of the drama, and will analyze and reflect on the experience.

Course Code: ADA101-Open Drama

Units: Tableaux, mime, melodrama, voice, masks, theatre history, collective creation

Course Code: ADA201-Open Drama

Units: Movement, basic text analysis and character creation, theatre history, collective creation - Anthology. Picture Monologue, Dramatic Forms, Tableau, Uncovering Meaning in Text

Course Code: ADA3M1-Grade 11 Mixed Drama

Units: Character creation, text analysis, monologues, masks, modern theatre, intro to acting theories

Course Code: ADA4M1-Grade 12 Mixed Drama

Units: Modern acting theories, directing, character analysis, text analysis. modern theatre, Canadian theatre, and a final one-act performance