Tiarah de Doelder

A dedicated social entrepreneur and independent researcher with expertise in material analysis to detect specific substances. As managing director of TD Forensic Analytics, my approach is characterized by curiosity and a hands-on mentality, as I thoroughly enjoy tackling complex problems. When deeply engaged with a topic, my creativity flourishes, empowering me to innovate and devise effective solutions. My professional interests align with ecology, soil biology, agroforestry, and food security. Currently, I am engaged in projects related to Soil, Water, or Plants, driven by a strong belief in the urgency of addressing these critical areas. 

TD Forensic Analytics

TD Forensic Analytics aims to improve the quality of project results, by creatively using data and research to solve a problem. 

We live in a time that information is easily found, but often not effectively applied to solve real challenges. Mostly because the challenges are not addressed or noticed. 

Ecology teaches us that everything is connected. It is the analysis and application of information that leads to creative solutions.  

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