Who is TD and what is Forensic Analytics?

Who is TD?

Hi, my name is Tiarah de Doelder,

Professionally, I am a forensic laboratory researcher,

That collects materials and examines them for the presence of a specific substance. I work independently or in a team to solve biological and chemical challenges. I have an overview of the technology that can be used to answer specific questions and I can master the standard techniques independently.

Personally, I am a curious and hands-on person that loves to puzzle.

If a subject fuels my passion, my creative skills are unstoppable in looking for solutions. My passions lie in ecology, soil biology, agroforestry, and food security. That is why I am currently working on projects that involve Soil, Water, or Plants. These are topics that, in my opinion, need urgent attention.

Forensic Analytics?

TD Forensic Analytics aims to improve the quality of project results, by creatively using data and research to solve a problem.

We live in a time that information is easily found, but often not effectively applied to solve real challenges. Mostly because the challenges are not addressed or noticed.

Ecology teaches us that everything is connected. It is the analysis and application of information that leads to creative solutions.

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