Carolyn Smith

Pisgah Forest Elementary School


About Me

About Me

Contact Information

Phone: 828-877-4481


Degrees & Certifications

Bachelor of Music Education

Master of Music Education

National Board Certified Early Adolescent Young Adult Instrumental Music

Teacher Bio

Mrs. Smith has been teaching music for 25 years, and enjoys working with elementary students in the general music classroom and in chorus.

She is happily married to Rivers Smith and is the mother to Rhea and Joe and fur friend Maggie.

Welcome to My Class!

Students in regular PFE music classes:

  • sing
  • play instruments
  • create music
  • listen to quality music from all genres and cultures
  • learn how to read and notate music
  • learn to how to play ukulele in all grades K-5
  • can join the PFE Chorus in 4th and 5th grades
  • could be selected (open only to Chorus members) to audition for North Carolina Elementary State Honors Chorus in September.
  • learn how to play recorder in 5th grade
  • perform for the community

Class Schedule

Music Schedule 2018 - 2019