Autumn Rumfelt

Pisgah Forest Elementary School

School Counselor

About Me

Contact Information

Phone: 828-877-4481 x6694


Degrees & Certifications

B.S. in Music Education from Western Carolina University

M.A.Ed. in School Counseling from Western Carolina University

NC School Counseling License

Counselor Bio

Greetings! As a native of Western North Carolina, I am extraordinarily excited to be the new school counselor at Pisgah Forest Elementary School. I have experience working as a school counselor at both the high school and elementary school levels. I believe in the power of education to transform lives and help students to reach their highest potential.

Role of the School Counselor

The school counseling program is based on the American School Counseling Association Model and NC Public School Standards. I offer school counseling in the areas of academic, career, and social/emotional development. Delivery of the program is offered using the following formats:

  • Classroom Guidance: Instruction delivered to an entire classroom on topics such as friendship, conflict resolution, empathy, emotional self-regulation, and many more

  • Small Group Counseling: Groups with 6-8 students in which participants learn coping strategies and address a variety of common concerns

  • Individual Counseling: Student and the counselor meet one-to-one to address concerns.

Other services provided by the school counselor:

  • Referrals: Connection with outside resources to meet social/emotional and other student needs

  • Parent Meetings: Collaboration between school counselor and parent/guardian to develop a plan of action when meeting student needs

  • Consultation: Meeting with other educators, parents, and teachers to share strategies that support student achievement