TCAPS PowerSchool Public Portal Guide

-What Parents/Guardians Need To Know-

The PowerSchool Parent Portal allows parents to access real-time student information, such as grades, attendance, and course information.

You will need an internet connection to access the portal.

In order to get the unique access ID and password connected to your student, please contact the main office of your child’s school. All student information is delivered securely and can only be viewed by using your unique ID and password.

PowerSchool Public Portal access is provided to parents/guardians of all TCAPS students.

Please keep your username and password confidential.

Best practice is not to share your log-in information with your child as there is parent-specific information that should not be available to students. However, please share the grades and attendance data with your child to start a conversation about study habits and learning. Students at our secondary schools will be given their own username and log-in to access the system.

Grade concerns should first be addressed in a conversation with your child. A discussion can then be directed to the student’s teacher by phone or email.

The way the due date of an assignment is displayed and the frequency of posted grades may vary from teacher to teacher. A due date could reflect the date the assignment was recorded in the grade book or the date the assignment was due. If you are unsure, contact your child’s teacher.