Request a Session

Tau Beta Pi chapters (student and alumni) may submit requests to host in person EF sessions for their own members and/or as a service or outreach activity for their campus or community.

Session Scheduling

TBP covers the travel costs for volunteer facilitators, and the timing and length of in person EF sessions vary depending on facilitator availability and how far they must travel. Chapters with local facilitators (within 2 hours drive) are often able to arrange shorter (1-2 hours) trainings and may be able to host on weekdays. When a facilitator needs to travel farther, then chapters are typically expected to host a longer session (3-4 hours, covering 2-3 modules) on a weekend.

Facilitator availability is limited and chapters are strongly encouraged to submit requests well in advance (minimum of 6 weeks). Chapters that wish to require EF participation for their members are encouraged to be flexible in allowing alternatives (like EF Online) in cases where facilitators are not available to fulfill a chapter request or members are not available for the in person session.

Hosting Requirements

The host chapter is expected to make local arrangements for the session (e.g., reserving a room, recruiting participants). Chapters are charged a $50 session scheduling fee, which is fully refundable if at least 15 participants actually attend the session.

Chapters may not charge for the training and EF sessions cannot be used as fundraisers. However, chapters may choose to impose a modest registration fee ($5-$10) that is either refunded when participants complete the session or used to purchase refreshments for the session. (Chapters are not required to provide refreshments, but doing so may encourage attendance.)

Submit a Request

Chapters with local facilitators (within 2 hours drive) are welcome to contact them directly to schedule a session. Otherwise, chapters must submit a request form at least six weeks in advance of their preferred date.