Movement Exploration

with Shira Yaziv in Costa Rica

May 11-18, 2019

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A week-long retreat that will keep you active while enjoying the tropical rainforest and beautiful beach.


3 Daily Movement Sessions


Tropical jungle, beach & ocean waves!


Scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, toucans & more!


Hammocks, shaded pool & sweet people.


3 Daily delicious locally sourced meals!


Tree climbing, waterfall rappelling, hiking, ziplining & more!

Movement Sessions

5+ hours of movement sessions per day, divided to three sessions


(Example of a day)

5-5:30am Pre-breakfast

5:30-6:45am Early morning session

7-9am Breakfast

9am-12pm Late morning session

12-4pm Lunch & Free Play & Special Activities

4-5:30pm Afternoon session

7-8:30pm Community Dinner

Early Morning

Focus will be on awareness and sensations. We will work with stillness and gentle movements, often in silence.

Late Morning

Getting more active in our bodies, we will explore range of motion and strength, and we will challenge our bodies and minds by learning new skills (such as handstands, acrobatics, floor work, etc.).

Late Afternoon

We will wrap up the day with implementation of the skills we have learned through improvisation, partnering and interactive games, often cooling down with body work.

This movement exploration retreat is open to all levels, no experience required. Shira will offer progressions that will fit complete beginners, as well as challenges for the experienced mover. You are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as you wish.

About Shira

Shira Yaziv enjoys encouraging people to move in new ways while learning skills and being creative. Her background is in Capoeira, Circus Arts and Dance. Shira is the co-founder and owner of Athletic Playground, a dynamic indoor play-space, inspiring physical play through a wide variety of movement classes. For more information about Shira, including upcoming performances and workshops:

Guest Teacher: Andrey

Andrey Pfening is passionate about teaching. His constant involvement in learning from experienced teachers and experimenting on his own, gives his students an insight on the process of learning basic and advanced skills.

Andrey’s physical practice started with parkour and spread to acrobatics, dance, gymnastics strength training, and hand balancing.

A couple highlights of his personal achievements has been competing on American Ninja Warrior show, and performing in two SF Opera productions “The Trojans” and “Carmen.”

One of the fun activities Andrey is looking forward to sharing with you at this retreat is exercise ball bouncing! There a plenty of fun, safe, and challenging bounce patterns that are accessible to all level practitioners, you’ll love it!

Guest Teacher: Rachel (Chachi)

Rachel Baker, known to friends & family as Chachi, is commonly found signing to her current favorite song, twerking in a handstand, dancing solo; with a friend or a stranger, stitching a head wound or a sliced finger, all while maintaining a huge grin on her face that we have all come to recognize and love. Fed and inspired by the creativity of her Athletic Playground community where she has been teaching Monkey Conditioning, Handstands & Thai Massage since 2008. Her constant drive for helping others and love of play have enhanced her journey as a mover, dancer, hand balancer, and Thai body worker.

Guest Teacher: Sebastian

Sebastian Grubb is an award-winning fitness trainer and dance artist in San Francisco. He has performed contemporary dance since 2007, touring throughout the Bay Area, across the U.S. and abroad, while also choreographing and teaching multiple dance forms. His parallel career in fitness coaching began in 2006 and he now runs Sebastian’s Functional Fitness, an outdoor movement training program. In 2011 he became certified to teach the Axis Syllabus, a healthy movement specialization based on biomechanics and anatomy. He holds multiple trainer and health coach certifications and in 2014 was crowned the Champion of the “Battle of the Best Trainers”. Learn more at and

Sebastian's classes during the retreat will focus on biomechanics, especially the healthy use of the spine, shoulders and hips, for movement that is both safe and dynamic. Part lecture, part movement workshop.

If you have any questions, feel free to email


“It is enjoyable whether you like to dive into things fast or take more time to engage. The pace is extremely modular and can be adjusted for personal preference. I think interest in any kind of movement is enough to enjoy most of the classes. It's not a lot of pressure and there was no sense of judgment.”

- Gregory Trigub (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“As a beginner, I always felt challenged without feeling left behind. Everything was broken down into digestible pieces and there was a great balance of types of movements- Soft and forceful, pronounced and subtle – feeling and doing. I genuinely feel transformed by this experience.”

- Azadeh Amani (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“This retreat is appropriate for anyone who likes to move or wants to move better. Even after years of athletic training, I have found new facets of movement that I didn't think possible.”

- Izarra Varela (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“I would recommend the retreat to anyone, no matter who you are, where you from and what your is background - You will have a good time, you don't have to participant in anything but you will want to participate in everything! You will feel challenged if you are already a mover. I highly recommend it, you will meet a lot of great people, feel super comfortable and welcomed.”

- Melanie Austin (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

"Shira is a special Movement teacher. She's able to meet you at your current skill level and make the necessary adjustments. It's clear she is in love with her teaching material and it is a very intuitive process. She is authentic, humble, and a joy to be around. If you're interested in exploring Movement potential both solo and in interaction, I highly recommend the Movement Exploration Retreat. In one week I developed a close group of friends and grew exponentially as a mover and as a person.”

- Mitchell Hash (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2018)

"Shira’s Movement Exploration Retreat was a fantastic way to step out of my daily routine and thrust myself into another world. Part education, part vacation this retreat was both a solstice for personal growth and a beautiful alcove for relaxation. This event is equally suited for advanced or beginner movers. It is less of a strict training and more of an environmentally rich playground. The food, location, and community where all A+. I highly recommend the Movement Exploration Retreat."

- Weston Edwards (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2018)

"The retreat is for anyone inquisitive to learn about their body and how to move it. The practice is varied and engaging, set within a safe and nurturing environment. Shira is an excellent teacher, sensitive to the needs of the students, but also giving time for them to develop. The opportunity to move and and learn in an intensive period is a beautiful environment is not to be missed!”

- Marcus White (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

"I was very impressed by my experience in the Movement Exploration retreat with Shira in Costa Rica, not only by the excellent variety of movement and training sessions, but also by the impressive levels of knowledge and skill sharing between the other participants. I am very grateful to have been part of such a sweet group of dedicated smart movers. I came away from this beautiful week with so many new tools and ideas to work with, not to mention inspiration and new close friends to train with. I look forward to returning next year! "

- Adam Mednick (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“Shira made everything seem accessible. It has opened my eyes to improve movement and not being afraid to try new things”

- Denise Sawyer (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

"The retreat is an incredible opportunity to learn and move, but also to explore the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Iguana Lodge is a gorgeous place to stay: we really were living right among the jungle. The mix of daily movement practices as well as the opportunities for other local activities like nature hikes, tree climbs, or animal sanctuary visits makes for a fantastic trip as well as a transformative experience learning about the capacities of one's body."

- Jeremy Gleick (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

"The Movement Exploration Retreat is an incredible experience for practitioners of all levels. The beautiful setting, unique class offerings, and exceptional instruction allow the attendees to try new things, hone their skills, and feel at home in their bodies without the everyday distractions of life. You will make new friends and leave feeling like you had a truly immersive experience."

“The beautiful Iguana Lodge and Shira's excellent teaching are both reasons to attend. Be prepared to explore your own movement capabilities and challenge your conception of movement and what you are capable of. I highly recommend it”

- Jennifer Pilotti (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017 and 2018)

“I'd recommend it to anyone active, open to try new things, loves to be upside-down in anyway possible.”

- Andrey Pfening (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“My respect and appreciation has grown after this event. Shira and Mira really thought and planned out every detail and it showed. Shira also continues to tap in all of the participants individually and as a whole to make adjustments and it paid off in our experience.”

- Melissa Sackett (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“To move with love and compassion in our own body takes lots of wisdom (as a mover) and experience. Shira is the one who could teach you how how and why to do it while having tons of fun!”

- Olga Love (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“Shira is great! A beautiful soul and a beautiful place to experience movement would definitely recommend it!”

- Mario Gutierrez (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

“I highly recommend Shira's Movement Exploration Retreat for anyone looking for an exciting active movement-oriented vacation. Shira is a wonderful teacher skilled at teaching to all levels. Her classes combine acrobatics, tricks, improvisation, movement games and also more simple, meditative movements. And Iguana Lodge on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is a spectacular destination and ideal place to experience Costa Rica – Beach, jungle, scarlet macaw, monkeys, etc. I plan to attend again!”

- Mira Barakat (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2017)

"In one week my shoulders opened up as well as my chest and and my general posture improved. After 25 years of Karate I am starting to understand this "round back" and full body connectivity my karate teacher kept talking about. Through the week I was pretty much at awe with Shira's instruction capabilities, she embodies the best qualities not only of an instructor but of a teacher. She was incredibly attuned to what was going on in the group and kept improvising and saying "yes and" to things that came up. Every class was truly its own adventure. We weren't just practicing our movements abilities, we were training in general human to human communication skills, how to listen to each other and support each other's freedom and creativity. So whether you are a mover looking for new tools to improve your usual practice or a totally newb craving a better connection with your body and the body of others, or even if you are just looking for an adventure holiday I'd highly recommend you join this. This isn't just a movement workshop it is a social experiment that installed in me some hope for humanity :) ”

- Sarah Shashkes (attended Movement Exploration Retreat 2018)

You can also read Sarah's blog post about the retreat here.

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