Women's and Gender Studies

Welcome! The Women’s and Gender Studies program is a small program with a vital, active faculty who share a deep commitment to our students. Each person receives committed, individual attention from the faculty. That attention offers our majors the experience of small college as well as all the resources of this large university. Our faculty are all actively engaged in research, sharing with their classes cutting-edge knowledge with both theoretical and practical applications beyond the university.

College is not a place you go to pick up a skill or learn a trade that might be outmoded in five years. And in the Women’s & Gender Studies major, or WGST, you can actively engage in life evaluation, learning the social, biological, economic, and political theories that prepare you to interpret community and your place in it, evaluate culture and its implications for equitable life, and engage with social structures and systems to make your world a more inclusive, happier place.

Please get in touch with us at wgst@tamu.edu if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to talk with the faculty via Zoom.