The Center for Approximation and Mathematical Data Analytics,

housed in the Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M University.


The Center for Approximation Theory was founded in September 1981 by Charles K. Chui, Larry L. Schumaker, and Joseph D. Ward. It quickly became a preeminent research hub, hosting more than 100 visitors over the years. Its domain of expertise grew to include linear and nonlinear approximations by polynomials, rational functions, splines, wavelets, radial and spherical basis functions, and neural networks. A proud milestone was the election of Ronald DeVore to the National Academy of Sciences in 2017.

Francis J. Narcowich was the director of the center when it changed its name to Center for Approximation and Mathematical Data Analytics in 2021. This adjustment responded to a growing interest in the theoretical aspects of Data Science, many of which are rooted in good ole' Approximation Theory.

Mission Statement:

  1. Enrich the mathematical foundations of Data Science via precise formulation of data-inspired problems and rigorous evaluation of algorithmic solutions.

  2. Foster cooperation between Mathematics and data-rich disciplines at Texas A&M.

  3. Disseminate emerging techniques from Mathematical Data Science through courses, seminars, and collaborations.