Mana Potential

Virtues Alphabet

Complete this chart based on what you think are the most important virtues. These should be behaviours that you value.

Each alphabet letter should have the virtue written and a image you think matches the virtue.

Remember to use the "explore" button to find appropriate pictures.

Mana Potential Wheel

This will become something you see, talk and use everyone at Taipa.

In your first few weeks of Term 1 it will be unpacked so that you can understand it and use it effectively in the classroom, playground and outside of school

What is Mana?

In your groups discuss what Mana is and come up with a definition - be ready to share it with the rest of the class.

Below are some images that COULD help you.

Mana Imagery
Mana Potential in the Classroom

MP in the classroom

You will need to make a copy of this document and record your groups answers.

This will be shared with your teacher when you are finished.