1. Using your blog comment log draft up a comment for one of your peers. If you don't have that file you can make a copy by clicking here.
  2. Add it to your Cybersmart folder
  3. Draft your comment in your blog log
My Digital Life

Your daily footprint

The sites you visited in the last 24 hours say a lot about who you are and show what interests you have. Click on Duplicate Me from this slide, work through the first slide and then create a representation of your online life.

JML About me blog post

About me

The students in JML7/8 have been busy making some very creative animations about what should be public online and what should be private, ka pai! If you haven't done so already make time this week to finish your 'about me' blog post.

KET Smart Relationships: Netiquette


How we interact online and the words we use can sometimes be misunderstood. There will be times when you want to write formally and other times when you can be more casual and informal. To understand this more let's take a look at the Digital Etiquette slide.

Blog Comment Replies
Developing Smart relationships

Embedding a Google Doc or Slide in your blog post

Creating DLO or Digital Learning Objects is a great way to show your understanding of your learning. It's also worthwhile sharing your mahi in a blog post. Follow the instructions on the slide deck to get started with this activity.

Publishing a Google Doc to your blog

New to blogging?

Start here

You will have received an email from or

This is an invite to your blog, watch the slide deck to see what to do next

SDO7/8 Blogging Basics: New bloggers

Expert Bloggers

Key competency: relating to others

If you are already familiar with how to use your blog can you please help your peers to get started. See if you can remember yourself how to bookmark your blog, the class site and get your Google Drive in order. Then you're ready to start with your first post for 2019 which should be your 'about me' post.

SDO7/8 Blogging Basics: Copy for Learners

Smart Footprint

Student Smart Footprint:
Your blog profile
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