K-5 Math Assistance Program (MAP)

Welcome to the Tahoma School District's K-5 Math Assistance Program!  We are excited to work with you and your child!

What is MAP? 

MAP services provide supplemental math instruction and practice for students in grades 1st-5th.  Our small groups do not take the place of your child's classroom math time. Rather, MAP groups offer a "double dose" of math to give your child additional math practice and build their math confidence.  Our program is funded through local levy dollars. MAP groups are intended to provide your child with the necessary skills to succeed as a mathematician in the classroom and throughout life. These services are provided by certificated teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals.

We place significant importance on parent involvement. Research shows that parent involvement is the strongest indicator of student academic success. We know that ensuring student success is a team effort.  Join us in this partnership of excellence! We welcome communication from parents at anytime. Please contact Tiffaney Martin if you have any questions or concerns about your child's MAP time.                                                                                        

Tiffaney Martin 

K-5 MAP Coordinator


Renae Hanson 

K-5 Math Coordinator