Shi Yuan High School 西苑高中

Shi Yuan High School(SYSH) is a public secondary school, which includes students ranging from 7th grade to 12th grade. Located in central Taiwan, SYSH is surrounded by four prestigious universities (FCU, THU, CMU, OCU). Famous landmarks, such as Taichung Central Park, National Taichung Theater, and Taichung City Hall are around the neighborhood. We welcome everyone from every part of the world to contact us, share the same values, and encounter different cultures.

Our Belief

Every child is important and deserves support and love from the educators. We view each one as the most valuable treasure of our nation, so we build them with strong characters to thrive, passion to learn, and boldness to challenge via our curriculum. Our educators are full of love, and patience, and most importantly, our teachers are professional and dedicated to innovating courses, organizing activities, and providing a warm atmosphere for students.

Featured Courses

We've designed featured courses in addition to courses regulated by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C., we are devoted to motivating students' multiple talents, and broadening their horizons. Thus, courses, such as SDGs, STEAM, cirtical thinking, and international issues are integrated in our program. Meanwhile, basic fields of knowledge are also implemented as part of our regular basis.

Campus & Facilities

There are different scenes on our campus. Students can enjoy their afternoon on a large meadow, garden-like campus, and play sports on fields and courts. In addition, there are 6 buildings, one stadium, one library building, and 8 basketball courts in SYSH, including 6 labs, 4 STEAM labs, 3 computer labs, and so on.

Extracurriculum Activities

Students are talented in various ways. There are 15 clubs, including the Future- engineering club, the English Debate club, the Digital Media Club, DIP( Pop- dance Club), and the Rock Music Club. Students create their songs, dances, and literary works, and even organize mini-expos for their outstanding works.

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Find us on Google Map:

Taichung Municipal Shi-Yuan Senior High School-No. 268, Xiyuan Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407010, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Contact: phone: 886+ 27016473#716