Social Media

Middle School students are becoming more and more involved with their peers both in person and through social media accounts. While having access to social media can help students to foster relationships with their friends, it can be very dangerous if parents do not have a grasp of who their children are speaking with and what they are saying online. Here are some basic tips for parents to help keep their children safe online.

  1. Talk to your child about the risks and benefits of social media. Be sure they know that no matter what they post can be saved, re-posted and re-sent.
  2. Set clear limits on when your child has access, when they should turn their devices off, and also what content is off limits.
  3. Be aware of what your child is doing online. We find that students who do not own electronic devices often have accounts set up through a friend’s device. Many students access social media accounts exclusively through their cell phones.
  4. Do not be afraid of social media. Take time to educate yourself on what your child has access to online. If you are not sure where to start, there are some great resources below.